From our modest beginnings in 1988, we have continued to grow and become the industry's leader by making service our # 1 priority.  We consider ourselves to be a hospitality company.  The handling of your guests or customers as they arrive is very important to us; it sets the tone for what they can expect.  We don't believe in second chances, and neither should our clients who have put time and money into making their special day one to remember.                          
Meet the Owner

Chris Georgantonis began parking cars at the prestigious Oak Hill Country Club in 1980.  He enjoyed working at Oak Hill because of all the great people he came in contact with. It was at Oak Hill that he learned to deliver superior customer service and accommodate business and community leaders. On many occasions members would ask Chris to valet park vehicles at their homes for private events, so in 1988, he founded Rochester's first full service valet company.  In 1996, while building his valet business and reputation, Chris accepted the position of  parking operations manager at the newly opened Frontier Field, home of the Rochester Red Wings.  Over the next 10 years, he learned the fundamentals of caring for thousands of vehicles and spectators as they arrived and departed,  as efficiently and safely as possible.
Today, Chris is involved in all aspects of Premier Parking Services' daily operations.  He continues to focus on developing new clients, maintaining current clients, and improving existing services.

I will personally meet with you and assure you that we will make the right first impression and that no detail will be overlooked on the arrival and departure of your guests.

Chris Georgantonis

Our sole focus is parking and we have over 22 years of experience.   We know valet parking and we know it better than anyone else. Don't just take our word for it, we encourage you to talk to our clients or even visit us at any public location where we provide our services.

We can provide our services for private and public events at any location or establishment for both short and long terms.
■ Private Events
■ Country Clubs
■ Restaurants
■ Weddings
■ Charities Events
■ Galas
■ Political Events & Fund Raisers
■ Corporate Events
We begin with a full assessment of everything and anything having to do with parking, whatever the situation may be at any location , or surface. Our role is to implement a plan and oversee parking operations.
■ Festivals
■ Sporting Events
■ Concerts
■ Fireworks
■ Church Events
■ Carnivals
■ Graduations
■ School Events
We provide professional and practical advice to busisnesses experiencing parking issues. We excel in planning and designing effective parking solutions where the benefits to the client far exceed the cost of using our services.
■ Layout and design
■ Signage and way finding
■ Operational, management
■ Parking strategies
■ Safety and security
■ Maximizing space
■ Traffic evaluation
■ In-house Valet