What sets us apart from the Competition?  

  • We dress to impress! Tidy attendants are essential. Our uniforms are always clean, pressed, and neat-looking.( black slacks, black shoes, white shirt, black tie, nametag)

  • Our attendants are trained by professionals in the industry. They run fast, can drive any vehicle, most have CPR certification, and posses a NYS security license.
  •                                    Our Motto:"Run fast and drive slow "
  • We are licensed and carry a first-rate insurance policy.

  • We are equipped. Our signage is designed to direct guests and customers to your entrance. 3x4 reflective, they are detectable from a distance in the darkest nights.

  • We will open and close all doors and assist the guests in any way we can. “When the valet does not open all doors when there are several people getting into a car, it is rather insulting. It is also insulting when they don't close the doors.”

  • We are a well-established, reputable company: We will deliver and guarantee everything we promise.

  • We are privately owned and operated by a team of parking professionals.

  • You can book or cancel our services up to the last minute. ( no deposit is required)

  • We will arrive early and stay until all of the guests have been assisted.

  • Our sole focus is special event parking

Checklist for hiring a valet company:

By Parking Today, http://parkingtoday.com
  • Know your vendor. Ask about its background.
  • Check references, go on-line and read reviews
  • Create a specification that the company has to meet
  • look into why there is such a wide variety in pricing- there is a reason
  • Meet the people who work there. Find out what they do.

We can provide our services for private and public events at any location or establishment for both short and long terms.
■ Private Events
■ Country Clubs
■ Restaurants
■ Weddings
■ Charities Events
■ Galas
■ Political Events & Fund Raisers
■ Corporate Events
We begin with a full assessment of everything and anything having to do with parking, whatever the situation may be at any location , or surface. Our role is to implement a plan and oversee parking operations.
■ Festivals
■ Sporting Events
■ Concerts
■ Fireworks
■ Church Events
■ Carnivals
■ Graduations
■ School Events
We provide professional and practical advice to busisnesses experiencing parking issues. We excel in planning and designing effective parking solutions where the benefits to the client far exceed the cost of using our services.
■ Layout and design
■ Signage and way finding
■ Operational, management
■ Parking strategies
■ Safety and security
■ Maximizing space
■ Traffic evaluation
■ In-house Valet